Eight OSU students arrested while peacefully protesting Sodexo

sodexo protest

On Monday, May 23, a group of about 100 protestors demanding OSU end their contract with Sodexo entered Bricker Hall and marched to President Gee’s office.  President Gee, while in his office throughout the entire protest, refused to even speak to students about the issue.  Students were informed they needed to be quiet so that people in the office could do their jobs, and complied, by ceasing their chants and silencing their drums.  However, minutes later, students were told they needed to leave or be arrested.  Eight OSU students decided to stay, and were arrested by police just outside of President Gee’s office.  The legal fees associated with getting arrested and going to court have added up to over $1,000 (a specific amount will be posted after the exact amount is known) and students can use anything from $1 to $100 to help pay for all of these costs, please donate if you can!  You can donate by credit card or paypal by clicking the button below, or e-mail email hidden; JavaScript is required if you’d like one of the students arrested to come pick up a donation themselves (this way we don’t have to pay paypal a fee and you can ask an arrested student anything you’d like)!

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