Upcoming Kick Out Sodexo week of action!

Check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA3az6bMY80 for a video about the upcoming Rally to Restore Sanity on Campus!  Ohio State will be having a week-long Workers’ Rights Tailgate on the South Oval to raise awareness of how workers on our campus are treated.  This week of events is in response to President Gee’s irresponsible attitude of ignoring the pleas of our campus workers and refusing to investigate the numerous allegations made by workers against Sodexo’s practices at Ohio State.  Check out all the fun events we’ll be having!

Workers’ Rights Tailgate

Did you know that there are workers on our campus and in our stadiums who have to endure racism, sexism, and harassment in the workplace?  Workers around the nation have decided to stand up for their rights and show the food service subcontractor Sodexo that they are no longer going to take these abuses. While OSU workers get paid poverty wages, Sodexo makes a BILLION dollars in profits.

Want to hear more about how you can get involved and support workers on our campus? Join us on the Oval for:

Monday (11/15) at noon and 5:15 pm:

Hilltop Tour– Watch a video highlighting the conditions that OSU workers are forced to live in because of Sodexo’s greed.

Tuesday (11/16) at 6 pm:

Candlelight Vigil– Join members of the Columbus community in support of Sodexo workers.

Wednesday (11/17) at 2:45 pm:

Behind the Bowties– Hear what President Gee HAS and HAS NOT said about workers’ on our campus.

Thursday (11/18) at 3 pm:

Rally to Restore Sanity on Campus– Gather with us in a rally to raise awareness about the unacceptable behavior of our university.

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