OSU Sodexo Workers on Strike!!!

Protestors on the move

Starting Saturday (10/9/10) OSU Sodexo workers began a week-long strike as a response to illegal anti-union intimidation tactics taken by Sodexo.  The strike kicked off Saturday before the OSU vs. Indiana game at the Ohio Stadium.  Workers & students marched around the stadium with drums, megaphones, noisemakers, and signs chanting “O-H-I-O!  Clean up Sodexo!”.  This continued after the game as well.  The event received a lot of media coverage, being covered on local nightly news TV stations and receiving articles in the OSU campus newspaper, the Lantern, as well as The Columbus Dispatch.  While President Gee continues to claim that The Ohio State University is “neutral” in the issue and OSU is not “directly involved with this matter”, it is clear that what goes on at OSU’s campus is clearly something OSU should be involved with.  However, President Gee prefers to sit on the sidelines instead of paying attention to how workers on his campus are being treated.

Outside the stadium

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