Nike Campaign: Letter Delivery

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On Wednesday, March 3rd, students from United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) delivered a letter of demands to President Gee and OSU’s senior vice president for business and finance, Bill Shkurti.  This letter explained the current situation where two factories in Honduras producing Nike collegiate apparel fired workers who were trying to form a union, then later closed down the factories completely when the movement to unionize continued to persevere.  These actions are illegal under Honduran law.  Furthermore, upon closing the factories, workers were not paid over $2 million that they’re owed in severance packages.  USAS is asking Nike to “Just Pay It”, and in the letter delivered listed ways that The Ohio State University can pressure Nike to ensure that these workers are paid the money they are owed.  These demands are:

-Have Nike submit a full remediation plan which includes a short timeline for paying in full the monies owed to the former workers of Hugger and Vision Tex (the mentioned factories).

-Release a public statement condemning Nike’s failure to respect the rights of workers in its supply chain.

-Keep United Students Against Sweatshops informed of all communications or meetings with Nike and include us in any discussions or negotiations

-Respond to this letter by March 10 describing the steps your administration will take to hold Nike responsible.

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